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MoreTechGh is powered by young and innovative minds ready to help solve your Website thirst by giving you very simple and effective online solutions to your business. We design and deploy your website do maintenance as well for you. With very modern designs and development approach, we dedicate our time and efforts to satisfy our clients.

  • Designing personal and business websites
  • Contact us for your prostional CV in your job haunt
  • Graphics design for logos, business card and mockups

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Why Choose MoreTechGh for your company website?

We have years of experience in software development and website. We currently have 12 clients and still counting.

Website Design

Design and simplicity website solutions, customized to your desire. Easily create, customize, and promote a fabulous website for your business and personal use. It has become the norm now to also have personal website which carries your professional competence and other details.

Your CV

Enjoy personalized support to create your professional CV. For each section (education and training, skills, professional experiences, etc.), an interactive guide helps you to enhance your career path. For Ghanaians in UAE will have 50% discount on this service.

Graphics Designing

When you think of graphic design, think MoreTech.
Mockup designs
Smashing Magazine
Business Card and Posters
Identity Designed
And other graphics services

Call To Action

Moretech site is devoted to helping you with your website, job application cv and your graphics designs. We have tried to take the intimidation out of the IT technical language and make it more understandable to the ordinary person.

Call To Action


Our Testimonial go beyond a simple quote that proclaims your greatness. They resonate with your target audience and the people who could also potentially benefit from the work we do and will do in the future. Our testimonials also tell a story — one that inspires and motivates the people reading it.


With a very small team, we are able to achive much


Technical Manager

With years of experience in the IT industry, makes him the most suitable for this position for the growth of MoreTechGh

Steven Asare

Product Manager

Steven and his team are the go to persons with all the know to follow-up and monitor work progress


These are our contacts to reach out to us. Let’s talk…


Sharjah UAE



+971 55 183 2694

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